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Why should you create a pinterest account. We just did.
Well just like a ad with us on your local 411. The more places that you can park your business name. The better for your online presence. 
This will help you with your online brand. And get consumers more familiar with you, and your company. The more places that you can get GOOGLE  to notice and rank your business the better. We just opened a Pintesest account today.  You can see our account by following this link right now it is a little empty. So will yours on the first day. However by adding pictures of your business, your service, your work. A bit here, and a bit there once a week. Slowly you will create a better account. And give customers more to look at, and understand you, and your business. Imagine a bakery showing all the fabulous breads, and cupcakes. Something to look at would make your mouth water, right. Well that can be said for any business. Customers like to see pictures. And that will give them a better understanding of the work you do. Create a profile toady. also can list several pictures along side of your company logo if you have a ad with us. This way customers can see more about you, your business, and the things you have to offer. Contact your-local-411 to get your business a listing with us today. 866-411-7178. we look forward to working with you, and helping your business. 

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