Temple Tots Day Care

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Your Local 411 is proud to present to you Temple Tots Day Care which is a nonprofit Christian daycare that was established in 1984 and is located on the lower level of London Gospel Temple. Their educators are in tune with developing children through engagement, listening and observation. 
Your children will have a ton of fun with the wide variety of program activites that Temple Tots Day Care has to offer such as

  1. Devotions
  2. Music
  3. Outside Play
  4. Science Experiences
  5. Library and Stories
  6. Group Times
  7. Gym Activites
  8. Computer Activites and much more.

You can view their programs and fees here http://www.templetots.ca/programs/. If you'd like to register or make an appoitment with Temple Tots Day Care, please do so here http://www.templetots.ca/register/.
If you'd like a listing like Temple Tots Day Care please visit us at https://yourlocal411.online/.

+1 (519) 685 3206


Temple Tots Day Care
288 Commissioners Rd. W
London, ON N6J 1Y3
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