BBB Allegations and Customer Concerns.



It has come to our attention that there have been allegations of being deceitful made against our company by the Better Business Bureau.
They have alleged in regards to our sales calls that “The employee who answers the phone is asked to confirm the contact information for the business and acknowledge they are authorized to approve the listing. It is not explained to them that they will be billed.”
We vehemently deny these allegations. Our sales people follow a strict sales script in order to meet the telemarketing laws and guidelines set out in Canada. In every single call we make there are 4 key parts that we go through in order to ensure that the sale is a good one. Every single call is recorded for accuracy and quality control.

  1. We explain that we are calling in regards to offering a new online listing. We will never call to confirm, update, renew, change, etc your information. We make it very clear from the beginning of the call that this is for a new online listing with us.
  2. We always ask the person we are talking to “are they are authorized to approve a listing with us”, in that exact verbiage. If our sales people are told that the person is not authorized or that they need to call back to speak to someone else that is what they will do.
  3. We explain our fees and the duration of service on every single call. We advise the business we are calling on the phone our fees are $499.00 which covers a 6 month period. The business we are calling is actually the one to tell us where to send the bill as our sales people ask “should the invoice go to accounts payable or would your attention be fine?” The business in their own words must give us the approval to mail out the bill.
  4. Once we have been given the go ahead to send out the invoice to the correct department we thank the person on the phone for their order and advise them that their new listing would be started in the next day or two on our website. Lastly, we advise them to look at our website to read the full Terms of Service.

Furthermore the Better Business Bureau has also stated . ”....... many consumers allege the recordings appear to be edited and include additional information and terms that were not initially disclosed.”
We vehemently deny these allegations as well. Your Local 411 does not own or manage our own phone lines. We use a 3rd party internet provider who records, holds, logs and if needed, retrieves all calls that are made. Anyone stating that our sales calls are edited or include additional information is outright lying. We are in the process of addressing these lies with our attorneys. Over the past year we have spoken to different police agencies due to complaints. Officers who wanted to review our sales calls have done so,and we have passed each and every time of making a good clear honest sale call. If you have received a bill from us and have questions we can assure you someone in your place of business approved the service, and gave us the go ahead to bill you. Please contact customer service if you have any questions with regards to your account with us. 2020