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Let’s face it, advertising is one of the most expensive parts of running a business. Sometimes many businesses try and avoid this cost altogether. And everyone wants to keep the cost as low as possible. In the past large companies have had a monopoly on the best advertising mediums since the cost was so expensive they were the ones who could afford it. You had to pay the high prices to get noticed.

Thankfully the internet came along, making advertising to the masses accessible to everyone.

There are still big companies online that charge alot for advertising. Your Local 411 is here with a solution and at a fraction of the cost. By placing your company on these online directories. Your customers will be able to find you as they are searching through our listings. We will also offer a link to your website. It is this backlinks that Google bots really like. You can more on how backlinks can help your business here. 
The more websites you place your company name and address and phone number, can really help. Its actually has a term name NAP. The more recognition your will receive from Google, Bing, Yahoo. By linking to your website your are giving your website increased exposure and helping boost your ranking on all search engines.
We can also promote your business and website on other directories to provide you with even greater exposer. In fact of of late, we just decided to create this a standard package. Your local 411 always working to create even more. For you our customers benefit.
We can also create a Facebook page and link it to your Your local 411 business profile. This as well as placing Google maps link in your profile to show clients how to get to your location. Is a great way for you to start an online presence for you and your business. 
Our services offer to work to increase your traffic through online branding through our business listings.
For customers that do not have a website, or feel their website is insufficient, we offer a website design and promotion service to drive even more traffic to your business through of affiliates. 
Let Your local 411 and our Family of Directories be your one stop shop for all your online marketing needs. We do it all at a fraction of the cost of the big guys.
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Here is why you should place your business in our online directory. 
There are various local SEO strategies used to drive targeted visitors to websites. One of the best local search boosts comes from online business directory listings. Small companies are connecting with new clients on a daily basis thanks to local business directories online. When someone wants to find a locksmith or an auto mechanic in his neighborhood – but do not have a particular address in mind – he consults his favorite search engine.
In seconds, a person can browse entries from business directories like Your local 411 and choose what he wants. It does not matter what someone is looking for, business directories normally cover every imaginable field and will get your company seen by search engines and future clients.
Businesses that are operating regionally such as tax accountants, garages, yoga studios, law firms and even restaurants are taking advantage of local business directories to boost their business' visibility. Putting your business to a local directory is the best way to connect with clients who are searching for your services and products online.
After just a brief search query, a business can appear as a Google local listing to new customers, complete with information on how to get to the place.
Signing up with our Your Local 411 business directory is affordable and will get your business discovered online.
A business directory is not just for driving search traffic; it can also provide referral traffic from those who are clicking through from your listing. 
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