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Welcome to Your local 411’s new blog! We are a recently created company (started February 2017), making introductory sales calls to sign up businesses like yours in our online directory. We have a small, enthusiastic sales team that is dedicated to assisting you in placing an ad with us to help increase your business’ online presence.


Why list with an online directory you ask? Listing your business with Your local 411 is a quick and simple way to gain exposure for your business. The more exposure your business and its website and social media have, the more likely it is that potential consumers will see and visit it. As a small business, like us, you probably have limited room in your budget for more marketing and advertising. We are big enough to get the job done but still small enough to give you stellar customer service. Yourlocal411 is inexpensive to join, provides incredible personalized service, and and we can offer a lot of exposure for a low price.



We can help you build your business’ brand by providing things like your company name, address, any photos you might want to accompany your listing, a link to a website or email address, and links to any social media your business may have. There is also the option to link to any videos you’d like your customers to see and we can provide you with a small yet attractive review of your company.


"Your local 411" understands just how important good customer service is. We are constantly trying to improve our ability to provide good customer service to you our customers. Here are a few tips you can use to provide better customer service to your clients. 



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Or if you have any questions on how we can help your business please contact us at 866-411-7178.

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